Dizengoff represents SOLER & PALAU in Ghana with its wide range of ventilation solutions, both Industrial and Domestic applications.  S&P has the most comprehensive range of products from any company in the world with solutions suited to every need.






  • Plate mounted Axial Flow Fans
  • Cylindrical cased Axial Flow Fans
  • Jet Fans
  • Roof mounted Fans
  • Centrifugal Direct Drive Fans
  • Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans
  • Metric Fans
  • Acoustic Cabinet Fans
  • In-line Duct Fans
  • Smoke Extract Fan
  • Fans for Potential explosive hazardousAtmospheres
  • Bathroom and Toilet Extract Fans
  • Whole House Extract Units
  • Kitchen Extract Fans
  • Kitchen Cooking Hoods
  • Hand and Hair Dryers
Domestic Range
Industrial Process Fan


Industrial Range