– NetXplorer Allot NetXplorer management software provides a consolidated picture of all traffic on the network.

– Allot NetEnforcer AC-1400 Allot NetEnforcer bandwidth management devices provide the granular visibility and policy enforcement that network operators need to optimize the delivery, performance and profitability of WAN and broadband services.

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– Intelligent MultiWAN Switch for Multihoming and WAN Optimization – Maximum Business Agility with Radware’s Soft ADC Solution – Radware DNS Load Balancing Solutions

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Application-level attacks pose a serious threat to mission-critical business operations. Financially, the application downtime and lost productivity caused by the increasing number of application-level vulnerabilities and frequency of attacks is constantly increasing. This year, network downtime caused by security attacks is already costing large enterprises more than $30 million a year. More than half of security-related downtime cost is due to service degradation, not outright outages. Much of it is considered hidden downtime, since service degradation often goes unreported.

Large organizations are hit mainly by Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and server malware. Existing network security solutions, including firewalls, were not designed to handle network and application layer attacks like these:

– DoS and DDoS flood attacks – Scanning and pre-attack probes – Server cracking attempts – Trojan horses – Self-propagating Worms and other malware Existing solutions won’t detect the threat, let alone protect against it, leaving organizations completely exposed. A solution is needed that blocks attacks before they get anywhere near the application level.

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