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Optimux-108, Optimux-106

Fiber Multiplexers, Transmit Any Traffic over Fiber The Optimux-108 and Optimux-106 multiplexers combine four E1 or T1 channels and an optional Ethernet link over a fiber optic uplink. A pair of Optimux units provides a simple and low-cost solution for connectivity over distances of up to 120 km (74.5 miles). For transmission reliability, an optional modular second link provides automatic backup upon link failure. An optional second power supply provides power redundancy for failsafe operation. Each of the four signals of the tributary interface is transmitted independently, so that each channel can be set to a different clock source.    Four E1 or T1 channels and Fast Ethernet link multiplexed over a fiber optic link Various fiber interfaces: multimode, single-m



Dedicated managed SHDSL modem for Ethernet, E1 and serial services over 2- or 4-wire copper lines The ASMi-52 SHDSL modem and multiplexer transmits two combined data streams – E1, Ethernet or serial –on an SHDSL link at various data rates over a range up to 10 km (6.2 miles). The modem also supports T1 applications. Incorporating TC-PAM technology for extending the transmission range, the ASMi-52 SHDSL modem enables carriers to cost-effectively reach more users with copper lines at higher data rates over larger distances in the Last Mile. The ASMi-52 SHDSL modem and mux answers the data transmission and Ethernet extension needs of enterprise users. Typical users include municipalities, utilities, corporate connectivity, and cellular backhaul.  SHDSL modem for effective provis



Ethernet and TDM Central/Aggregation Solution RAD’s Megaplex-4100 is a carrier-class, high-capacity multiservice access concentrator for transporting legacy and next-generation services over fiber or copper PDH/SDH/SONET, or over packet switched networks (PSN). Its ability to handle a broad range of Ethernet, data and voice services, as well as a large variety of network technologies in a single compact managed node, makes the Megaplex-4100 an ideal core/edge solution for carriers and service providers. It also provides a perfect fit for large enterprises, utilities and transportation companies, who require an efficient way to transport and provision multiple legacy and next-generation services over their high capacity pipes. Megaplex-4100 is part of the AXCESS+ portfolio of multise



Connect Fast Ethernet LANs over E1 or T1 Circuits Convert from V.35, X.21, V.36, RS-530 to E1 or T1 interfaces Integrated IP router for connecting IP domains over E1/T1 services 10/100BaseT bridge supporting IEEE 802.3x flow control and backpressure Diagnostic loopback activation in compliance with ITU V.54 standard Plug and play RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are interface converters that connect Ethernet LANs over E1/T1 circuits. This allows communication between devices with E1/T1 interfaces and equipment with V.35, X.21, V.36, or RS-530 interfaces.  RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are available with several WAN (DTE) interface options. The IR-ETH/V interface module transparently connects remote LANs and VLANs over unframed E1/T1 links, utilizing the full E1/T1 bandwidth. It also supports auto



Efficient transmission up to 16 E1/T1 voice trunks over TDM, packet-switched and/or 3G networks RAD’s Vmux-2120 voice compression system for carrier-grade voice trunking provides compressed voice transmission over both TDM and IP networks. It compresses up to 16 E1/T1 circuits over redundant E1/T1 or Ethernet access links, with backup between the TDM and IP connections. In addition to its powerful voice compression capabilities, the Vmux-2120 universal voice trunking gateway features TDMoIP multiplexing attributes. The Vmux-2120 compressed voice system is an ideal solution for cellular operators and service providers looking to replace expensive leased lines with cost-effective packet transport.