Radware DNS Load Balancing Solutions

Standard DNS global load balancing solutions can’t recognize DNS requests from different DNS servers, which may in fact be originating from the same user. The new request is treated as if it is coming from a new user and the user is redirected to the wrong data center which causes the transaction to fail. Radware’s AppDirector application delivery controller resolves this shortcoming with an Anycast DNS service. Anycast is part of Radware’s patented, 3-tier global traffic redirection technology, offered via the DNS Resolution Tier. Radware’s 3-tier global redirection technology provides transaction completion by enabling application/ transaction persistency. The DNS Resolution Tier enables user persistency among DNS servers, resulting in enhanced user accuracy and intelligently com


Maximum Business Agility with Radware’s Soft ADC Solution

Along with managing increased traffic of company-wide DNS requests, maintaining the amount of resources the servers in a data center handle is also crucial to business performance. As network traffic increases, user requests to access and utilize business applications and information grow as well. The solution to this additional data center strain is server load balancing. Distributing the work that an individual server is required to perform can increase application retrieval times and overall network performance. Server load balancing is a technique where the comprehensive workload of a network is evenly distributed across selected servers within a data center. Utilizing server load balancing, organizations can decrease the strain put on individual servers and optimize the performance o


Intelligent MultiWAN Switch for Multihoming and WAN Optimization

LinkProof, Radwares multiWAN switch, provides uninterrupted access to your data centers, remote locations, web sites and the Internet. To ensure continuity when disaster strikes, LinkProof provides reliable access (and fast response times) for all mission-critical applications residing in the data center. To do this, LinkProof enhances and intelligently routes traffic across Internet links, controlling bandwidth throughput to ensure fault-tolerant connections and scalability.