MS48IP is a telephone exchange which integrates the user friendly features of MS48C system with IP connectivity. MS48IP offers the advantages of IP communication to small-medium and prospecting companies. With MS48IP, it is possible to become an extension of the main exchange from any place where internet connection is available. Remote extensions can be connected to MS48IP over IP telephones, softphones, Wi-Fi phones, IP DECT phones or smart mobile phones with VoIP support over SIP compatible IP lines and extensions. Companies with multi-site locations can connect MS48IP exchanges to each other over IP and make phone calls with unique numbering plan. This will let them reduce their communication costs. With its modular structure and more than 100 programmable features, MS48IP is ready


DS200 Public Exchange

KAREL DS200 Series provide a flexible, reliable, convenient and cost-effective communication platform with rich, flexible range of features and solutions which meet the communication needs as well as the challenges of the corporate world. KAREL DS200 Series are a state-of-art, modular system with the open system architectures and digital platforms. The DS200 Series interface with Analog, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, E&M, PLC, E1-R2, TWT, LB or VoIP Lines on the trunk side and Analog, ISDN, Digital, Wireless or IP Stations on the extension side. The electronic and mechanical architectures of the DS200 Series are designed using the facilities of the latest technology to support a flexible communication platform. A distributed processing structure is adapted, instead of a single processor