Motorola Point-to-Point PTP 200 Series

Designed to securely transport data, voice and video in both near line-of-sight (nLOS) and line-of-sight (LOS) environments, the PTP 200 Series offers affordable, accelerated throughput at a time when operators are challenged with increasing bandwidth capacities to support additional applications, subscribers and users.

With solutions including a dual-band radio system with up to 220 Mbps, a 5.8 GHz solution with expanded range capabilities, and a 4.9 GHz system specifically for public safety, the PTP 200 Series provides many options for budget restricted operators.

These OFDM based systems are built from the same PTP and PMP platforms that customers trust and depend on for reliable connectivity all over the world. Their ruggedness, field durability and MTBF are recognized throughout the industry and contribute to their exceptional performance. The extremely low cost of ownership makes a PTP 200 solution affordable for even the most restricted budgets.