E1, T1 Interface Converters

Connect Fast Ethernet LANs over E1 or T1 Circuits

  • Convert from V.35, X.21, V.36, RS-530 to E1 or T1 interfaces
  • Integrated IP router for connecting IP domains over E1/T1 services
  • 10/100BaseT bridge supporting IEEE 802.3x flow control and backpressure
  • Diagnostic loopback activation in compliance with ITU V.54 standard
  • Plug and play

RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are interface converters that connect Ethernet LANs over E1/T1 circuits. This allows communication between devices with E1/T1 interfaces and equipment with V.35, X.21, V.36, or RS-530 interfaces.  RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are available with several WAN (DTE) interface options.

The IR-ETH/V interface module transparently connects remote LANs and VLANs over unframed E1/T1 links, utilizing the full E1/T1 bandwidth. It also supports auto negotiation, allowing connection without additional configuration.

The IR-IP interface module operates as an IP gateway, forwarding IP packets destined for the WAN. This saves the cost of an IP router equipped with an E1/T1 interface.

RIC-E1 and RIC-T1 are available as plug-in cards for RAD’s ASM-MN-214, 19-inch card cage.