The Best Connection

The interconnectivity of business and the world seems to increase at a faster rate every year and Telecom cables play a central role in this advance. For any business to stay competitive, it is imperative to understand telecom cabling and how to use it for your competitive advantage. The overall satisfaction relies on having an efficient telecom network which can prevent computer and phone system downtime.

We provide all the requisite cables that will allow your company to work at an optimal rate. We can also supply you with all kinds of cables and wires for all ranges of your telecom needs.

We provide:

  •  Coax Cables
  • Cabling systems
  • Data Cables
  •  Telephony
  • Accessories
  • Telephony Cables
  • Fibre Cables

Coaxial Indoor Cable

RG-213, 8, 59, Superflex, Heliax

Coaxial Outdoor Cable

RG-213, 8, 59, Superflex, Heliax

Indoor Data cable

Cat. 5, 6

Outdoor Data cableCat. 5, 6Fiber Optics CablesIndoor, Outdoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Tactical 10 Pairs Magazine

For Arrester 3 Pole

Category 5e UTP Molded Patch CordGray 1m, 1.5m, 3m, and 2m3 POLE Surge Arrestor