Dizengoff Ghana Limited agric division stands for high quality products manufactured under internationally certified conditions. All our products are approved by local and international environmental protection agencies.



 Arsenal Gen – A non-selective systemic herbicide solution with residual activity for the control of annual and perennial weeds. It is for use in industrial areas, servitudes and mine sludge dams.





 Roundup 360 – A total systemic herbicide for control of all type of weeds.






Arrow 72 WDG – A new generation of post-emergence selective herbicide for maize and corn.








Focus Ultra  – A selective systemic weed killer for the post-emergence control of certain grasses in broadest crops like tomatoes, onion, groundnuts, soya bean, cotton, etc.






Basagram  – Post emergent herbicide for the control of broad leaf weeds in Soya bean, beans, groundnuts and rice.









Pyrinex 48 EC – A broad spectrum insecticide for the protection of garden lawn, wood, general plant protection and outdoor public health use. Also effective against soil-dwelling insect pests like termites and ants.





Rimon 10EC – Effective against all larval stages of all insects on vegetables, mangoes, citrus, maize and cotton. Fits well in IPM module.






Deltapaz  – A broad spectrum insecticide that works by contact and ingestion. It has a quick knock down activity and reflectively short residual effect.  Effective on insects that attack fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.







Akate Suro – A micro-encapsulated contact insecticide, very effective against cocoa mirids (capsids) and other major insect pests of cocoa, including mealy bugs and stink bugsespecially if mixed with EOS.







Levo 2.4 SL– A stomach poison insecticide having anti-feeding and repelling activity. It is for the caterpillars and mites in vegetables and fruit crops.









Victory – Wattable powder for control of early blight and late blight, doeny mildew, and the suppression rot in vegetables, tomatoes, pineapple and cocoa.