Dizengoff is a well known company in the farming community, mainly for its vast range of novel irrigation methods that fit the growing needs of water saving and modern products for agriculture and gardening.

We install and maintain Drip lines, Sprinklers, Micro-Sprinklers, Micro-Jets, Rain Guns and |Center Pivot, Irrigation solutions used for various crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, combining the advantage of low water volume and précised coverage.


Drip Lines

Installed above and below surface, designed to be installed and retrieved season after season.  It has the advantages of direct watering to the root system, saving water. It is obstacle free in cultivation season.


Impact Sprinklers designed for uniform water distribution, suitable for over-head, under tree and nurseries applications, easily moved and stored in raining season.


Excellent uniform water distribution for under tree, green house and nurseries applications. Design for many flow rate and distribution patterns.


Reliable, accurate, low cost emitter, for under tree, green house and nurseries applications suitable for wide range of flow rates.  Water pathway is wide even at low flow rate.

Rain Guns

Portable irrigation system based on high capacity sprinkler unit. Including Pivot, end-gun travelers.  Excellent water distribution uniformity, for over-head applications, on solid set or mechanically moved systems.

Center Pivot

Providing uniform irrigation, using a major mounted along the pipe-line.  The irrigation line goes around the field in circles, covering up to 500acres. Low-pressure system with adjusted sprinkler head nozzle sizes.